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Gigantic Sun DeckPresenting the Nekton Ships -- revolutionary mini-cruise ships with the ability to travel to beautiful remote areas of the Caribbean offering guests an exceptionally smooth ride, luxury accommodations and exciting snorkeling and scuba diving adventures.

The unique Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull (SWATH) design, virtually eliminates ship motion, based on the same technology that allows oil platforms to operate in the rough waters of the North Sea, provides stability and comfort unmatched by conventional monohulls and catamarans.

Delicious CusineThe huge sundecks have chairs, tables, chaise lounges, Jacuzzi and shaded area with hanging storage for wetsuits.

Enjoy first-class luxury in Nekton's air-conditioned cabins with private baths and spectacular ocean views. Indulge in delicious cuisine in the scenic dining room and relax in a comfortable lounge area complete with television, video editing facilities, and video library. Bask in tropical sunshine on the huge sundeck with chaise lounges and bubbly Jacuzzi.

Delicious CusineSimilar to a large cruise ship, all cabins are spacious suites with private bathrooms, full sized showers, push-button heads, large picture windows, and twin or queen size beds for maximum comfort and privacy. Independent air-conditioning controls in each cabin.

What's different about the Nekton ships compared to a large cruise ships is that they were designed specifically by Nekton engineers to get its passengers in and out of the water for snorkeling and diving.

Colorful Tropical Coral Reef FishBy living atop beautiful underwater sites, the time spent traveling to the reef is minimized and more in-water adventures are possible. And since the ships can travel over one hundred miles during the course of a cruise, divers have the opportunity to explore many remote regions with abundant and exotic marine life.

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